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In 1867, Charlotte was a community of 4500. Among these citizens were a handful of devout Jews. Faithful to their laws and traditions, the Hebrew Benevolent Society purchased 11 acres of what is now Statesville Avenue to be their Hebrew cemetery. …

The Masonic Temple was built in 1869. Three Charlotte lodges created the Masonic Temple Association. Samuel Wittkowsky, a leading Jewish resident of Charlotte, headed the organization, the sole purpose of which was to secure funds for the…

Historical Booklet/Pamphlet published by the Masonic Fraternity which includes the evolution of the Masonic Temple Association, and the Events leading to the construction of the structure (designed by prominent Charlotte architect, Charles Christian…

Photograph of a good roads crushing plant.

This is a map of hydro electric power plants and transmission lines in and around Charlotte.

This is a photograph of traffic on the good roads of Mecklenburg, although unpaved they are still beautiful.

This is a photograph of the nice roadways and bridges throughout Mecklenburg County.

This is a photograph of the nice roadways that are found throughout Mecklenberg County.

This photograph came from the Blumenthal Collection of Special Collections at the University of North Carolina. Pictured is four year old I.D. Blumenthal.

A postcard that advertises for a mill.