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Here is proof that Pineville was not always a suburb of Charlotte. In the first decade of the twentieth century, Pineville had some industry of its own.

A postcard that advertises for a mill.

This is a black and white photograph of Efird's Department Store in Uptown Charlotte. The building is five stories tall. It has a large clock mounted to the side of the building on the third floor.

Postcard painting advertising for the Stonewall Hotel. Features a man and women in boat; the woman is holding a red umbrella.

Postcard painting of the former Mecklenburg County Courthouse with monument and adjacent Lawyer building. View of courthouse front facade and lawyer building left facade. Image depicts pedestrians and early car.

Postcard painting of the Old Mecklenburg County Courthouse. View of front facade and surrounding buildings.

Postcard painting of the City Hall in Charlotte, NC. View of the front and right facades.