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Schiff's tombstone showing that even European Jews influenced Charlotte life at the turn of the century.

Commemorative marker for Confederate General Jashlane who served from 1861-1865

Image of Seven Men standing in front of Schiff & Co. Store. They are facing forward.

Image of Alfred and Dannie Heineman. They wear suits and face forward.

Morris Speizman (1905-1987) was a Charlotte businessman, author, and Jewish community leader. He founded Speizman Industries, Inc., a textile machinery company. In addition to his business, Speizman was very active in the Jewish and civic…

Five Men stand in front of Charlotte Pawn and Loan store on 9 E. Trade Street. They look directly at the camera with their hands on their hips. All of them are wearing white shirts and dark pants, except for the second one from the left. The third…

Celebration surrounding the dedication of a Jewish synagogue, circa. April, 1916

The Hebrew Benevolent Society purchased an 11 acre parcel of land in an outlying area of Charlotte far from the city center in 1867. As the surrounding inner-city neighborhood grew closer, the Jewish community was able to acquire more land, change…

Marion (Heineman) Hirshinger (1854-1933) holding up her grandaughter Marion Wadsworth Cannon who is wearing a white dress. Hirshinger is wearing a black dress.

Photo of the synagogue circa. 1906, used in conjunction with turn of the century Charlotte Jewish life.