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Here is an example of a postcard used to advertise for Autocar Trucks. These postcards were sent to local businesses to show the capability of their product.

Here is another example of Charlotte's early industry.

This is a postcard for the local publisher Stone and Barringer. They made several of the postcards featured in this collection and often touted Charlotte as the "Industrial Centre of the New South."

Here is proof that Pineville was not always a suburb of Charlotte. In the first decade of the twentieth century, Pineville had some industry of its own.

Here is a postcard that shows the "Old South" side of Charlotte that stands in contrast to the idea of the "New South City."

Picture postcard of the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. View of the rear and right facades.

A sample of the good life led by the captains of industry in the New South City.

Photographic postcard of both the old and new Mecklenburg County Courthouses side by side. Shows front facade in black and white of both structures.

Postcard painting of Louis Asbury's Mecklenburg County Courthouse with the monument and cars in front.

Pistol Range at Camp Greene, Charlotte, NC
1917 - 1918