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Development of Uptown Charlotte

This exhibit traces the development of Uptown Charlotte through architecture, commerce, and entertainment. The exhibit is comprised of four sections. One section details the physical growth of Charlotte through a variety of documents. Another covers the development of Charotte along the main artery of N. Tryon St. A third exhibit explores the evolution of the banking district in the early twentieth century. Finally, the fourth section highights the growth of department stores in Uptown Charlotte. Each section showcases the importance of Charlotte as an emergent New South City in the early twentieth-century.


Behind the Scenes- Building Charlotte

This section includes important documents pertaining to the growth of Uptown Charlotte. As Charlotte advanced as a booming Southern City, documents of this period reflect this growth. Documents from books, architects ledgers and leases exhibit the types of work that was going on in this period. 

The growth of the financial center, business districts, residential houses and businesses pertaining to architecture and building were prominent during this period, 1865 to 1929. 

The Hustle and Bustle

The physical growth of Charlotte, characterized by looming skyscrapers and busy streets, transformed the landscape into an urban city. The development in the early decades of the twentieth century continued as this New South City became the commerical and social hub it is today...

Money, Money, Money!

This exhibit incorporates photos and advertisements from the many banks that make up the center of Uptown Charlotte. As Charlotte grew as a New South City, the banking district expanded and created a booming business for the city.

Let's Go Shopping!

Not only did Uptown Charlotte grow physically in the early twentieth century with steel and bolts, it also grew commercially and socially. Specifically, department stores added a new dimension to the downtown area. As the New South City emerged, it had to dress the part...


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