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The Charlotte Woman's Club

The Charlotte Woman's Club Exhibit is a compilation of documents and images from one of Charlotte's oldest civic organizations.  First organized in 1899, its membership and civic activities slowly began to make the club an essential part of Charlotte, NC. 

During this period, members of the organization published an annual program listing the events and schedule for the season. These events ranged from the arts, like musical evenings, and civic issues, like health and education. With this exhibit, the world of women in Progressive Era Charlotte, North Carolina will be discovered. 


This section contains a variety of program covers for the Woman's Club from 1906 to 1927. Within the pages of these programs, a summary of the meetings, lectures, and topics of the calendar year can be found. They are a rich resource of the civic issues discussed during the early 20th century. 


The following section includes several pages from the 1905 Charlotte Woman's Club program. These pages offer a years worth of examples of the club's schedule, constitution and bylaws, and local business advertisements used in the back of the program. 


This section contains several recipes from the Woman's Club Cookbook of Southern Recipes of 1908. These recipes include food, beverages, and holiday menus. It also includes household cleaning recipes, advice for running a healthy home, and a list of humorous recipes in the back like "How to Bake a Husband."

These recipes not only show the culinary interests of the time, but they also reveal women's culture during the Progressive Era and a strong gendered perspective of household responsibilities. 


This section contains information about the general construction of the building that housed the Charlotte Woman's Club.  The building was constructed in 1923 at a cost of $35,000, and was located at 1001 East Morehead Street.


This section will provide resources that were used in the making of this exhibit, as well as to guide those interested in civic groups of the past and present.  Please use the information to research about the Charlotte Woman's Club and other civic service groups.


Group 3: Erin Spencer, Sara Blanchett, Rick Miller