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Selling the New South City

The City of Charlotte has often worked on promoting itself as the New South City.  This culture of "boosterism" has led the city to advertise its advances in Industry, Commerce, Community Development, and Public Architecture. "Selling the New South City" examines the ways that Charlotte sought to cast itself as a modern metropolis.

Industrial Centre of the New South

This section takes a look at how Charlotte sought to advertise itself as the Industrial Center of the New South.

Chamber of Commerce Records


This site will explore publications from the Chamber of Commerce advertising the city of Charlotte.  Through text and images the organization promoted Charlotte as a great place to live and to do business.

Community Development and Promotion

During the 1910 - 1920 period, Charlotte's "boosters" promoted, and then heavily advertised, three significant new projects:

*  A huge US Army camp (Camp Greene) which was created in a matter of weeks after the United States entered World War I.

*  The exclusive new "streetcar suburb" of Myers Park, a neighborhood of custom houses which became home to Charlotte's wealthy and powerful elite.

*  Lakewood Park, a beautiful lakeside amusement park once called "the Coney Island of the South."

Civic and Public Architecture

Analyses of influential Civic and Public buildings in Charlotte, NC.  Includes the Stonewall Hotel, the Mecklenburg Hotel, Greenwich Villiage, Hotel Charlotte, two former Mecklenburg County Courthouses, two former City Halls, and the Post Office and Mint buildings.


Samantha Bible, Kurt Geske, Katie Roberson, Cliff Stoner