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Charlotte's Early Jewish History


This exhibit showcases the building of the early Charlotte Jewish community, 1865-1929, with an emphasis on religion, commerce, and community life. 


The Synagogue is the heart and soul of the Jewish Community and their religion governs ALL aspects of their daily lives from birth through death.


Upon the arrival of both passenger and freight trains, Charlotte was no longer an isolated courthouse town, but became a popular location for merchants, including Jews, to establish mercantile houses and businesses during the 1865-1929 time frame.  Most notably among these Jewish comunity members were two German Jews by the names of Samuel Wittkowsky and Jacob Rintels.


Within the Jewish community, there is a religious commitment to fulfill charitable and philanthropic acts.   This portion of the exhibit will emphasize those societies and organizations. 


Mary Dominick, Scott Parker, Elizabeth Rohan, Dean Smithwick