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Selling the New South City

The City of Charlotte has often worked on promoting itself as the New South City.  This culture of "boosterism" has led the city to advertise its advances in Industry, Commerce, Community Development, and Public Architecture. "Selling the New South City" examines the ways that Charlotte sought to cast itself as a modern metropolis.

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Development of Uptown Charlotte

This exhibit traces the development of Uptown Charlotte through architecture, commerce, and entertainment. The exhibit is comprised of four sections. One section details the physical growth of Charlotte through a variety of documents. Another covers the development of Charotte along the main artery of N. Tryon St. A third exhibit explores the evolution of the banking district in the early twentieth century. Finally, the fourth section highights the growth of department stores in Uptown Charlotte. Each section showcases the importance of Charlotte as an emergent New South City in the early twentieth-century.


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