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Charlotte Jewish History


This project is intended as a web-based, visual presentation of the lives and civic contributions of the small, yet vibrant, Jewish community to the city of Charlotte from 1865 to 1929. Though many times overlooked, the Jews were a tantamount factor in Charlotte’s social and economic development during that period, and the site wishes to visually display and exhibit that historical segment of their lives in Charlotte.


  • Mary Dominick
  • Scott Parker
  • Elizabeth Rohan
  • Dean Smithwick

This photograph of Jacob Rintels headstone was taken on November 9, 2010.

The entrance to the Hebrew Cemetery. The cemetery was established in 1867 and is where many of Charlotte's earliest prominent Jewish residents are interred. The gate is wrought iron and is accessible from Statesville Road.

Photo of the synagogue circa. 1906, used in conjunction with turn of the century Charlotte Jewish life.

Marion (Heineman) Hirshinger (1854-1933) holding up her grandaughter Marion Wadsworth Cannon who is wearing a white dress. Hirshinger is wearing a black dress.

The Hebrew Benevolent Society purchased an 11 acre parcel of land in an outlying area of Charlotte far from the city center in 1867. As the surrounding inner-city neighborhood grew closer, the Jewish community was able to acquire more land, change…