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Welcome to the Fall 2010 History in the Digital Age course online project. History in the Digital Age is a required course for the graduate program in Public History at UNC Charlotte. 17 students from the History Department and Public History Program worked in 5 groups to conceptualize, research, develop, digitize, design, and create the exhibits on this site.

The goal of this project was to develop a multifaceted web exhibit illustrating Charlotte's growth and major changes from post-Civil War through present day. The project focused on major elements to show how society, economy, government, and culture have evolved in the period from roughly 1865-1929. The exhibit contains digitized photos, postcards, printed and manuscript material, sound and video clips. Each section also carries value-added materials and supplemental contextual parts. Students were asked to identify themes they wanted to explore in their groups. This site is entirely theirs.

We chose the Omeka software developed at George Mason University to create and display our digital exhibits. The exhibits are the final project for the class.

For more information on this class or on the project, please contact Katie McCormick, Assistant University Librarian for Special Collections.